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Friday, September 08, 2006

3way Bjay

Its so nice to know that i have so many friends willing to give a helping hand whenever i need it(or in this case a helping mouth waka waka waka...sorry). Do you guys remember your first 3girl never had one? Well thats what im here for you guys can live vicariously through my friend gonzo here. If only everyone had friends like me the world would be a happier place dont you think :) Sorry im gunna have to cut this short cause my friend taylorrae (shes the blonde you'll see in this shoot) is standing over me waiting for our makeout session. Shes lives outwest so i dont get to see her often shes only visiting for a couple days. I dont know if you guys notices but she has the most amazing breasts ever. They're oh so milky...i could rest my head in her bossom for all of eternity. Oh guys shes taunting me now i gotta go!!! I wish you guys could be here for this but you can atleast checkout taylorrae in our 3wayBJ see ya'll later!

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